Contec is proud to present our latest Library and Resource Management system Our integrated Library solution .eLM incorporates the functionality required for all cataloguing, lending, reserving, hiring and booking of any required resource (books, halls, equipment etc) and borrowers can access, search and reserve or book these resources from any location via the WebOPAC module.

.eLM resulted from our vision to develop a system that had all of the necessary Library and Resource Management functionality and more but would not require 3rd party software to run it. The reasoning behind this was that we could develop a solution that would be seamless and therefore cost effective, easy to maintain and use and that we would not be restricted in our development and support of the product by third parties.

The other requirements we placed on ourselves for this latest product were that it would be highly configurable, scaleable and accessible via the Web so that it was suitable for all types of Libraries and could also be used as a centralised system. We are extremely proud to be able to say that we have achieved all of our desires in producing .eLM. Our development is on-going and innovative, and Contec is committed to this with the assistance of user group input from our customers.