Q: Can I run some client workstations as Thin Clients and others as standard? 

A: Yes, and all can access the same server.


Q: Do I need any other software to run Thin Clients - for example if I have remote branches?

A: No, all software needed except the operating system is built into the package. (there is no extra charge for the thin client software).


Q: What advantage is there in having the Web OPAC?

A: The Web OPAC allows people to search and view records from your bibliographic database via the Internet, plus view borrower records and place reserves, using any standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Other functions normally carried out by library staff such as cataloguing, acquisitions, etc require the Thin Client software at a remote workstation plus security controls set up within the system; the Web OPAC does not make these functions available via the Internet.


Q: Do I need leased lines for remote branches or staff that wish to carry out library system functions?

A: No you can run the Thin Client software over the Internet. You can use a dial-up Internet connection or a jetstream or cable connection. However running the thin client through a dial up connection will be noticeably slower than through a jetstream or cable connection.